Aromatherapy Vs Stress

The word STRESS is one which is familiar to most of us. It is an almost expected of daily life, and it is hardly surprising to learn that an estimated 75% of visit to GPs are due to stress-related problem.

However, we cannot avoid stress as it is essential to life. It is dynamic, creative forces which make us sit, run, etc. and is therefore vital for our very existence. Stress is the adaptive response of the body to demand on it. we are all unique and what may be CREATIVE stress for one person may be DESTRUCTIVE to another. Creative stress can be defined as stress that we can use to inspire us, or to drive us to greater height or success, whether personal of professional. Destructive stress on the other hand make us ill, ruins our concentration and make us feel at is life is too much for us to deal.

Although it is true, therefore, that we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives, it is our response to stress that dictates whether a positive or negative effect on our well-being.

In modern day, in times of fast moving, constantly changing lifestyles, we are being expected to cope with any demands placed on us and illness or disease is often the only way for our body to TELL us that it cannot cope with such pressure. Our response to increased pressure, whether external or self-imposed usually make us force ourselves to keep going , even when our bodies may telling us we need to rest or relax. It is denial of our physical and emotional needs that often results in unpleasant consequences, such as illness, depression or exhaustion. When stress becomes a regular feature in our lives, our energy reserves become depleted, and if we do not take the time to “recharge our batteries”, then nature often steps in, manifesting some form of illness that forces us to stop and review our lives.

High blood pressure, strokes and heart disease are often considered to be related to stress and other disorders such as rheumatism, cancer, skin disorders and digestive problems are more likely to develop when our resistance low.

It is therefore very important that we equip ourselves with ways of managing stress. One of the most effective and agreeable methods of doing this is the practice of Aromatherapy, where the use of essential oils plays vital role.

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