Healing Power of Rock Salts

Rock Salt has an extremely high mineral content with over 84 minerals and trace elements; its color is the result of its high mineral and iron content. Himalayan rock salts is the most popular salts in the world which has been used in SUTRA Foot and Bath Salts products. The most popular way to use it is either by bathing or soaking the feet.

Bathing with mineral bath salt is a wonderful way to relax while cleansing and rejuvenating your entire body. The minerals added to each formula will soak out pains, muscle tensions, stiffness, withdraw the body toxin (detoxify) and good for skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis and herpes. The combination of Rock Salts and Aromatherapy oils is an ancient art and science that works on a physical and emotional level to accelerate healing. Aromatherapy bath salts can help to reduce stress, alleviate tension and energy, and minimize muscular aches and pains. These stress reducing benefits of the bath salt helps to keep the skin looking clear and young.

The modern life today involves the production of positive ions immensely creating an imbalance in the entire environment in which we live and breathe. Smokes, transmission networks, electrical transmission lines, satellites, electrical equipment and appliances like television sets, computers, and mobile phones produce these positive ions. These positive ions can penetrate in our body, deep down our lungs and can cause us to feel tired, weak and lowering our immune system, give respiratory tract problems, lack of concentration, migraines and disturbing our quality sleep. Therefore, the function of this Rock salt is to balance our life by releasing the negative ions.

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2 thoughts on “Healing Power of Rock Salts

  1. Hi,
    It is a good start,I feel more relevant informations with user benefits will be more productive.
    I have been working on various deliverables for different end uses,with minerals,vitamins, suitable herbal extracts and proteins/amino acids ,a pleasant feel with the help of Aromatic blends which adds to efficacy .
    thnx .

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