Aromatherapy as Natural Sleep Aid

Do you have a good quality sleep? Or are you insomniac? These are the two problems which peoples are suffering in the modern life. Insomnia is the inability to either get sleep naturally or stay asleep some period of time. Good quality sleep is a must for your optimum health because it will rest or disconnect your mind from the pressure and stress of your routine life. While you are sleeping, the cells and tissues of the body will be repaired, and the internal energy levels are replenished. Studied also have been made showing that sleep helps to regulate our hormones and recharge our body immune system which protects us from diseases. Every night, millions of people around the globe are struggle to get a quality night sleep, either because they are unable to switch off their minds, or because they awaken suddenly in the middle of the sleep and can’t get back to sleep

Stress is the main reason why people are suffering from insomnia. Stress often reflects to depression and anxiety.  Insomnia will make you feel tired, sluggish, suffer from a foggy brain, develop the feel of anxiety and, in more serious cases are depression.

Natural aids, such as relaxing aromatherapy essential oils, are a great alternative to sleeping pills. Using aromatherapy treatments at bedtime can often help you overcome periods of insomnia in your life.

There are several aromatherapy methods to overcome the insomnia. SUTRA is offering SUTRA Sleep Well Blended oil which consists of Citrus, Lavender, Orange and Ylang-ylang to treat insomnia. These essential oils all have relaxing and/or sedative scents and can be combined together to produce an effective synergistic blend.

How to use SUTRA Sleep Well Blended Oil:

  • Add few drops of SUTRA Sleep Well Blended Oil to a warm bath before you go to bed.
  • Add few drops of SUTRA Sleep Well Blended Oil to an aromatherapy diffuser, either candle aromatherapy diffuser or electric diffuser  just before you go to bed
  • Add a few drops SUTRA Sleep Well Blended Oil to carrier oil use pre-mix SUTRA Rejuvenating Massage Oil and persuade your partner to give you a massage just before bedtime. The act of massage naturally helps your body to relax and switch off your mind for the night.
  • Add a few drops SUTRA Sleep Well Blended Oil on a tissue or your pillow and smell the scents.



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