How Essential Oils Heal?

essential oil in actionIt’s in the molecules. One human cell has 40,000 molecules whereas essential oils can have millions or even trillions of molecules in a single drop. So small these are that they can enter the body through the skin and go everywhere, to every cell in the body.

The nano-minuscule size of these molecules is responsible for the wonderful aroma of essential oils too. The instant you open the bottle, a whiff of the heavenly aroma caresses your senses.

Our other senses-sound, sight, touch and taste – first register the experience in the rational portion of the brain. Here the experience is clarified, dissected, inspected and verified, before giving way to the appropriate response. Unlike the other senses, the one of smell has nerves connected to that part of the brain that stores emotions.

Therapeutic grade essential oils also have electromagnetic frequency. The human body is energy, so it makes sense to heal it through the use of oils. It is said that the human body has a frequency between 62 and 68 MHz. Negative emotions could cause a sharp drop in this frequency range.

Among the essential oils, rose has been found to have the highest at 320MHz, while Lavender has 118 MHz and basil has only 52 MHz.


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