Avoid stress using aromatherapy

images (1)Feel stressed? It’s not surprising when you consider what you have done before your day officially begins. You have already coped with making breakfast (or nagging others to do it), left the home tidy, organized the children, taken them to school, and then coped with rush-hour traffic to get to the place where you are officially starting working! No wonder you feel permanently tired and edge.

I have found that, with a little forethought, many of the stresses in our lives can be either reduced or eliminated altogether. We put up with things because that is how they have always been ( and, if we are honest, because it is easy to be a martyr). It’s time to reorganize. In conjunction with this reorganization, make sure that you are using essential oils, eating well, sleeping well, having fun, exercise, and leisure time, and communicating with your family, and friends.

essential oil 1Essential oils are available everywhere, even the local supermarket, but be careful what you buy, as most of the cheaper ones are blends. It’s all a matter of “you get what you pay for” with essential oils. The most expensive are always the most pure. But please try to make your own if you can. Begin by sticking to the simple herbs like lavender, and you will soon find it the most rewarding experience you can have, by treating your family and friends with pure, safe, and lovingly prepared oils.



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