What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been variously described as the life force or essence of plants. pure essential oils are the end products of distillation ( or other methods of extraction ) of the aromatic substances or essences found in plants. They are widely used in therapeutic massage and in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and perfume industries today. The oils are volatile, evaporate on exposure to air, and have a powerful aroma. Essential oils differ from cooking or fixed oils in that they are not oily to the touch, and they evaporate when exposed to air.

The essences are composed of molecules small enough to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, and are employed in many ways including massage oils, fomentations and compresses, antiseptics and tonic waters, creams and healing ointments, beauty and skin-care products, cleansers and antibacterial sprays and more.

Book: The Essential NATURAL HEALTH (Reprinted 2009)


One thought on “What are Essential Oils?

  1. esterification done in naturalway and concentrated at the lower part of thepatels of flower.which may be oxydised with contact of oxygen of air and spread the surronding area. so can we collect the fragnance of essential oil directly from the concentrated area of the flower—

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