Do you know Aromatherapy will help Sinusitis Problem?


What is a sinus?

A sinus is a hollow, air-filled cavity. For the purposes of this article, a sinus will referred to those hollow cavities that are in the skull and connected to the nasal airway by a narrow hole in the bone (osmium). Normally all are open to the nasal airway through an osmium. Humans have four pair of these cavities each referred to as the:

  1. frontal sinus (in forehead),
  2. maxillary sinus (behind cheeks),
  3. ethmoid sinus (between the eyes), and
  4. sphenoid sinus (deep behind the ethmoids).

Sinusitis can also be referred to the cavity is affects:

    • Maxillary sinusitis – the patient feels pain or pressure in the cheek (maxillary) area. This can be experienced as toothache or headache.
    • Frontal sinusitis – the patient feels pain and/or pressure behind or above the eyes (frontal sinus cavity). The pain will generally be experienced as headaches
    • Ethmoid sinusitis – the patient feels pain and/or pressure behind or between the eyes. Usually as in the form of a headache.
    • Sphenoid sinusitis – the patient usually feels pain or pressure in the top part (vertex) of the head.



Do you know Aromatherapy Essential oil will help the cause of sinusitis?

Aromatherapy can greatly benefit the sinuses. Eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, geranium, peppermint and rosemary essential oils help soothe and heal the entire respiratory system. Use in a steam bath for best results. These oils may also be used in foot massage. Concentrate on the bottom of toes and balls of the feet.

images (1)

Sinus problems usually benefit from a cleansing diet of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Greens, lemon juice, carrot juice, pineapples, papayas, and apples are good things to add. Don’t forget to drink plenty of pure, fresh water – the best remedy of all.

At least, it reduce your sinusitis. Blended with essential oil. It’s specially designed to help clear sinusitis by combating infections, relieving nasal passages pain and discomfort.


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