Aromatherapy Shower Gel – Relaxing

Body wash, also commonly known as shower gel, is a pretty recent newcomer to the field of spa products. Body wash is a generic term for liquid soap used to clean the body during a shower. Many people wonder why one would purchase body wash when one could just use soap instead. The reason that body washes are so popular is that they offer quite a number of convenient benefits over soap, and have a wide variety of applications, as well!

Ease of Use

The number one benefit of using body wash over shower gels is neatness and ease of use. Soap can be slippery, can fall apart on you, and often leaves a lot of difficult to remove residue in your soap dish. It can also be difficult to lather soap to the point that you feel really clean. Body wash, on the other hand, comes packaged in a bottle, so it is easy to use exactly the amount you want without leaving any mess. The best way to apply a body wash is to use a body sponge or pouf, which you can purchase for a dollar or two at any drug store. Just pour a little bit of body wash on to the pouf to create a rich lather which you can use to wash yourself all over. This method has the added benefit of being extremely exfoliating!


Another benefit of using body wash is its versatility. If you are using a natural body wash that foams well, you can even use it to wash your hair! This is not recommended for every day use, but can come in handy on a vacation when you don’t want to have to bring a bunch of separate bottles in order to have a nice shower! Some body washes actually seem to work better as shampoos than certain products labeled as shampoos. However, only do this with natural body washes that do not contain loads of synthetic chemicals, or you may dry your hair our.

The versatility of body wash does not end there. Many natural body washes can be used as a lovely foaming bubble bath. You can even use body wash as a beautifully scented hand soap, although it will probably be a bit expensive.

SUTRA Relaxing Shower Gel

A relaxing Frangipani aromatherapy experience while giving your skin a treat. SUTRA Relaxing Shower Gel is specially formulated to optimize the skin’s natural moisture, softness, clean and healthy skin. It is enriched with nourishing Sabah Seaweed, Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, known to be effective in firming and rejuvenate the skin and smoothing out wrinkles and imperfections. Enjoy the wonderful relaxing aroma and silky smooth feeling of this shower gel.

shower gel relaxing


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