Hot Item! Aromatherapy Multipurpose Spray Rose Sensation!

Rose Sensation

Sutra Wellness Rose Sensation Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray. As a Air freshener & Table Cleaner & Glass Cleaner & Ironing Aid.

This is used as an air freshener due to its pleasant aroma fresh ambiance. This aromatherapy can be utilized in a medicinal fashion with tremendous healing benefits. While also can be used safely and sometimes quite effectively at home as a complementary healing modalities as well.

Various scents trigger different emotions and sensations in different people. Most of us can attest to how our body and mood reacts to different scents and how it may transport us back to a memory of a pleasant or unpleasant time in our past. This amazing ability for a simple scent to bring about both a mind and body reaction is something we can use to our benefit when we are considering healing modalities.

Rose essential oil has been used throughout history in the ancient art of aromatherapy as a healing tonic and mood-elevating supplement. Interestingly, because rose petals are not very high in oil content, it takes several thousand pounds of rose petals to produce just one ounce of this valuable oil, depending on the variety of plant used. 

When we are exposed to an aroma, the molecules are exposed to our olfactory epithelium, our nasal receptors. The transmission of this signal from the exposure of the fragrance molecule to our brain leads to interpretation of the scent in our brain centers, which involve memory, sensory perception, general processing center, and to a gland in our brain that mediates chemical secretion into our blood and other parts of our brain, just to name a few effects.

Can be use for Air Freshener, Ironing aid, Car Air freshener, Glass Cleaner, Table Cleaner, Aroma in room, Office and etc.


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