Aromatherapy Spray – Lavender

Lavender (1)

Sweet Lavender Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray. Use for Air Freshener, Table Cleaner, Glass Cleaner & Ironing Aid.


Lavender is associated with feelings contentment, improved cognitive performance (some measures) and mood as well, and has also shown other mild sedative and calming effects.  It can soothe babies and new mothers alike, promote positive mother-infant interactions, and promote sleep in infants, and promote deep sleep in men and women, as well. This can be a great choice for anyone trying to relax for sleep or feel more calm and relaxed during the day. Simply the fact that it’s pleasing to you can put you in a different mood. This scents that have been proven effective for relaxation, mood enhancement, alertness, deeper relaxation and sleep, it also has a wide range of health benefits. Also Good for muscle relaxant.



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