pic soloTurning a passion into a profession is a dream for many. But for Tropical Bioessence and SUTRA founder, owner and MD, Mr Mohd Khairil Said, it’s a vibrant reality. Over 10 years ago, Mr Khairil was a Research Officer in Melaka Institute of Biotechnology, expert in extraction of botanical extract and essential oils. He discovered the profound power of essential oils during the research. Through Tropical Bioessence Sdn. Bhd., he is able to share his matchless knowledge with millions around the world, supporting their health and transforming their lives. Khairil’s unrivaled expertise on the therapeutic power of plants has led to the creation of SUTRA, the product base on essential oils and herbal extract.

With a deep conviction of the power of essential oils, Khairil embodies the spirit of Tropical Bioessence and SUTRA as he continues to build a company that advocates total wellbeing for the people, everywhere, everytime.


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