Why is it Important to Understand Blending Essential Oils?


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Why is it Important to Understand Blending Essential Oils?

When the combination of essential oil is more than the sum of the parts, there is a synergistic effect. By mixing together two or more essential oils, you are creating a chemical compound that is different to any of the component parts, and these synergistic blends are very particular and powerful. An increased potency can be achieved with synergistic blends without increasing the dosage. The interaction of particular essential oils upon each other gives a vibrancy and dynamism to the whole which could not be achieved by using a single component on its own.

The important point about synergistic blends is that the proportions should be correct.

There are few factors need to be considered while you making the blends which are:

1) The chemistry of the Essential Oil – This determines its volatility, viscosity and its properties. All these things need to be considered when mixing essential oils;

2) The Desired Action / therapeutic function – Blending correctly allows for a synergistic effect within the blend. This means the action of the oil is increased by mixing several oils together; and

3) The Sequence of the blend – The order in which the oil is blended can also be a factor. Changing the sequence can change the properties along with fragrance.

4) Don’t forget your little notebook for recording.



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